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Our Clients


Following the release of the Sportivate Year 2 Annual Evaluation report, South Yorkshire Sport approached us to provide further research and insight to understand the true picture of programme delivery within South Yorkshire. The CSP also asked us to particularly consider the effect of deprivation on Sportivate.


We provided data analysis in line with our CSP insight offer such as demographics, sports and participants and produced maps in various formats using Mapinfo TM GIS Software to illustrate data. We also used national data sets to present the relationships between factors such as Sportivate participants and levels of obesity across the county. In order to understand the effect that Sportivate has on areas of deprivation, we provided detailed maps of each urban area and conducted extensive analysis breaking down Sportivate data against post codes to understand the differences in retention for those living in deprived areas compared to those living on non deprived areas.


This data gave the South Yorkshire Sport Sportivate team great direction to understand how to target their programme in the future and ensure that they are using Sportivate to really achieve success engaging and retaining young people in sport who don’t currently take part.

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