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The Think Active Sportivate Innovation Fund Project was delivered by Sport Structures from April 2014 in the Cars Estate area of Smith's Wood. The Cars Estate has high levels of economically inactive residents and minimal pupil attainment. With contributing factors such as unsuitable further training, a lack of financial support and inadequate opportunities. These factors have had a knock on effect as levels of personal and social development in the area are at an all time low.


Sport Structures used the funding to provide activities, free of charge, to 11-19 year olds in the Cars estate area in order to improve access and to remove the barriers to participation. These activities included squash, dance and football. 

The project engaged 275 young people in the area and retention levels were high with over 200 attending all 6 sessions of at least 1 activity. Use of local networks, fantastic coaches and a range of activities was crucial to the success of the project and attracting young people to the sessions. The project has highlighted these critical success factors to enable the area to improve engagement in sport and to support changes in personal and social development of the residents.


The infographic produced by Think Active highlights the success of the Sportivate Innovation Fund.

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