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Are you considering your legal structure? This workshop gives guidance on which legal structure may suit your club best. It also examines if charitable status is relevant and how you can maximise Gift Aid.

Workshop outcomes:

By the end of this online workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of club structures
  • Understand which structure is right for their club
  • Identify the different types of legal structures
  • Identify top tips on how to effectively govern their club
  • Understand next steps through action planning
  • Identify where to find further help and advice

What’s the value of this workshop?

“A fabulous workshop with some very valuable information. Extremely well presented and the ability to split off into little groups to talk then return to the main workshop was excellent”

“Great advice and explanations, also helpful links to talk to the right people going forward. Great experience online, really enjoyed it”


Delegates must be:

  • a minimum of least 16 years of age
  • able to communicate effectively in English
  • representing an English club or organisation.

Online requirements:

In order to access this workshop online, delegates will be required to:

  • Have access to a laptop or tablet. A smartphone device is accepted but functionality can be limited. The device must have access to a microphone as the sessions will be interactive.
  • Have good WIFI access
  • Have access to an environment with limited distractions which is conducive to learning 
  • Be able to log into the workshop 10 minutes ahead of the designated start time.

If you have any additional learning needs, please let us know when registering for the workshop so we can support you.



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