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At Sport Structures we are proud of our skills and expertise in creating and implementing a range of research and insight methods. We have a long history of providing research and insight for a large number of organisations within the sport sector including national organisations such as Sport England, National Governing Bodies and County Sports Partnerships.

We have experience of providing 7 key research and Insight services, these are:

  • Non/lapsed participant research
    Using online surveys and high-quality focus groups, we provide insight into attitudes and behaviours of people not currently participating in a sport or activity. Some may be previous participants who have left the activity, some may never have taken part before. We use our expertise and experience in sport to provide analysis, interpretation and recommendations on all data we collect.
  • Qualitative Case Studies
    We provide qualitative case studies that help you to showcase and evidence the impact of a project, programme or investment. We will get under the skin of the work, speaking to people, undertaking interviews and painting a picture of the project or programme. We will produce a high-quality case study in a format of your choice (video, infographic, slide deck).
  • Embedded Services research
    Our highly skilled and adaptable team are ready to ‘hit the ground running’ to support you with any additional capacity or expertise you need. We can design and create research and insight projects as well as manage and maintain your services. You identify and prioritise the work, we provide the high-quality execution. Embedded staff can work remotely or from your office.
  • Member / participant surveys
    We can undertake a survey with your current participants to understand the nature of their participation, their attitudes to the sport and their feelings on the governance of the sport. We work alongside you to ensure communication with members is in line with the organisation’s protocol and that members understand the motivation for and benefits of the survey.
  • Workforce Surveys
    We can undertake a survey with your workforce (paid casual staff and volunteers, full and part time) to understand their involvement in the organisation and the perceptions of their areas of development.
  • Literature Review / primary / secondary research
    We can undertake primary or secondary research work as an individual project or to back up additional research that we carry out on your behalf. We specialise in analysing and reporting applied research.

Our research and insight services can utilise a number of the methods outlined above and can be tailored to suit your individual needs to gain the understanding that you require.

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