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Sport Structures provides governance and leadership expertise to sports organisations both in the UK and abroad. Our service is one built on a sound understanding of sport at all levels and is based on the Code of Sports Governance. We can support organisation’s through insight, facilitation and strategic knowledge to form new organizational strategies that can become reality.

We work with our clients in this area to provide clear, appropriate and effective structures (including associated bodies and committees). We help them to focus on people and help identify the skills, competencies, knowledge and experience leading to a balanced Board. We embed standards and review and modernise policies and procedures that are essential for our clients to grow and develop.

With key clients to date, we have supported in a variation of ways. In our journey with every client a key step is consulting with current employees such as the Senior Leadership Team to establish background and context. This enables us, where possible to facilitate Board and staff away / team days to form organizational vision, mission, objectives and actions which are integral for organisations to move forward. This will lead to the creation and development of an organizational VMOA which leads to an outward facing strategic document being designed. Lastly, we support our clients in the creation of an implementation plan for the lifecycle of their strategy.

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