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Apprenticeships & Pre-Apprenticeships

The 18 month Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship allows apprentices to support their organisation with digital marketing. The standard includes two core qualifications: the BCS Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Coding and the BCS Level 3 Certificate in Marketing Principles. A further vendor qualification is included in Google Analytics. Apprentices gain a detailed understanding of 11 core knowledge, behavioral and competency modules, these are: written communication, research, technologies, data, customer service, problem solving, analysis, marketing tools, digital tools, digital analytics, and industry knowledge. The core knowledge and competency modules will be delivered by our qualified tutor through a series of face to face group sessions at the Sports Structures offices in Birmingham as well as via remote group webinar sessions.

The training is delivered in groups to maximise the support that apprentices gain from their tutors, employers and peers. We also provide added value for apprentices and employers by hosting sessions with guest speakers working in digital marketing who share their knowledge and expertise, these sessions also provide learners and employers with the opportunity to discuss their experiences and best practices.

Apprentices must be employed for the duration of the 18 month apprenticeship and work at least 30 hours per week for their employer with 20 per cent of their time allocated to ‘off the job’ training. The apprentices will be assessed via an end point assessment to check they have gained the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to achieve the digital marketer standard.

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