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About Us

Managing Director


I am Founder and Managing Director of Sport Structures and in my role I cut across all elements of the business based on my experience as an ex-Teacher, CEO of England Basketball, Facility Manager and Sport Development Officer. I lead on a number of consultancy projects and assess and verify courses. I have worked with clients in the UK and around the world.  

Ask me about… 

Governance and strategy development, equality and diversity, workforce development services, apprenticeships and education and training.

When I am not working… 

I'm suffering Aston Villa or taking it out on a treadmill at the gym trying to make my 13,000 steps a day.

My colleagues say…

Simon is a strong leader and a great team player. His knowledge of the sector is second to none and he always has a story to tell! He excels at facilitation, club development and governance and is passionate about developing people through sport. Simon is very optimistic and sees setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow. His consultative and flexible approach brings everyone together to drive high standards. He just needs to learn some new jokes! 

Check out some of Simon's work below!

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