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About Us

We are seeking learner centered and inspiring tutor/assessor to support the delivery of our suite of multi-skills qualifications. Individuals should have experience in coaching multi-skills to support participant development. In addition, individuals should have experience of delivering training to a variety of audiences and have confidence to deliver in both virtual and face to face contexts.

Our multi-skills courses are delivered through a blended learning approach, utilising e-learning, virtual classrooms and face to face sessions. The courses include:
• 1st4Sport Level 2 Award in Multi-Skills Development in Sport
• 1st4Sport Level 2 Certificate in Multi-Skills Development in Sport
• 1st4Sport Level 1 Award for Activators (Muti-Skills)
• 1st4Sport Level 1 Award in Assistant Coaching (Multi-Skills)

Further details can be found here. These courses are usually delivered during the week and at weekends and we have a specific need to support weekday requests. We have an ‘open’ course programme which allows learners to book directly onto a course taking place in their area. Additionally, we respond to requests from organisations to run courses.

Application process

Stage 1 Aspiring tutors are encouraged to contact Kath Percival ( to express an interest in the role.
Stage 2 Aspiring tutors are required to complete a tutor application form electronically. Details of at least 1 referee will be required (please ensure they consent to you sharing their details with us).
Stage 3 Applications will be reviewed, and feedback will be provided to you on the outcome of your application.
Stage 4 If successful, tutor orientations will be organised virtually, along with virtual classroom training. Following this, course resources will be shared.
Stage 5 Individuals will co-deliver with an experienced tutor and an outcome will be shared regarding next steps. Individuals will be given three outcomes:
    • Can tutor independently
    • Required to co-tutor on another occasion
    • Not currently suitable (feedback will be provided accordingly)
    • *This will be at the discretion of the Sport Structures team.

Tutors may feel ready to deliver independently. This will be discussed post the tutor orientation and training process.



For further enquiries, please contact Kath Percival.
M: 07917 388 174