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US Girls Programme

US GIRLS PROGRAMME: March 2011 – March 2013     

In 2010 we became part of a national consortium of 64 organisations, led by StreetGames who secured a grant from the Sport England Active Women themed funding round. The US Girls programme will bring about a dramatic impact on young women's (aged 16 to 25) sports participation in the most disadvantaged areas of England.

US Girls aims to get 30,000 young women living in disadvantaged communities more active by boosting opportunities for them to play sport within their local communities.

The programme will increase participation and sustain participation creating an infrastructure of new coaches, volunteers, role models, peer champions, qualifications, clubs and events all designed to meet the needs of young women aged 16-25 living in deprived areas.

Who is Leanne?
Leanne is the target audience for the US Girls programme. Leanne is 18 – 25 she may have children, she might still live at home with parents. She also studies part time and has a part time job. Her friends and family are her main support.
Work commitments, economic/work factors, health, injury and disability have been identified as barriers to participation for Leannes.

US Girls - The Women’s Coaching Communities programme

Calling all women 16 – 25 become a qualified sports coach for FREE

The Women’s coaching community programme is a free scheme aimed at providing local women with the opportunity to develop a career in sport coaching and volunteering.

What’s in for you?

• Training through accredited workshops
• A recognised Level 2 coaching qualification in the sport of your choice such as: Basketball, Netball, Football, DodgeBall, Badminton
• Voluntary placement at a club or organisation of your choice
• Opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge
• Support and guidance by experienced and knowledgeable staff

What’s in it for us?
• Local people providing coaching for their community
• The chance to provide women with the opportunity to become coaches and increase the percentage of women coaches.

Are you between 16 – 25 years old?

Do you live in Inner city Birmingham, Sandwell, Walsall, Dudley and Wolverhampton Central?

To find out if you eligible and for further information contact Alaina Allen 07917388173

Basketball team 221

What Courses are Available?

•First Aid - Tuesday 26th July - 2 places available
•Level 2 UKCC Basketball course, starts 23rd July-2 places available
•Dodgeball course, starts 19th Aug - Still a few places available
•Netball course is secured and starts 13th Aug Hampsted Hall
•Leadership in Running Fitness – Book now - Sun 25th September

To see if you are eligable to attend these qualifications, please contact / 07917 388 173.

•Come along and watch a basketball tournament scheduled for 3rd September, George Salter Collegiate Academy, West Bromwich, B70 9UW