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Job Summary

The 5 Sports Councils are seeking to develop a UK Network of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Mentors who can support sports organisations across the UK to use the new ‘Moving to Inclusion’ Framework.  

The mentors should have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in a sport and physical activity context in relation to all protected characteristics and under-represented groups.  The mentors will play a key role in facilitating, mentoring and coaching sports organisations to continually improve their equality, diversity and inclusive practice.  The mentors will support the following: 

  • Self-reflection to take place in a safe and honest way  

  • Understanding of the organisation’s priorities following self-reflection 

  • Development of the Continuous Improvement Plan, this may be linked to your Governance or other EDI documents 

  • Links to external support e.g., equality partners, peer-to-peer, good practice communities 

  • Facilitation of group discussions and peer-to-peer support. 


The mentors will attend regular sessions with the organisation both virtually, face to face and one-to-one or in groups to support the organisational needs in this area of work. 

Mentors will need to demonstrate the ability to challenge organisations appropriately and support them to produce ambitious Continuous Improvement Plans to drive change in equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Job Description

  • To provide self-reflection support for organisations against the framework diagnostic tool 

  • To support organisations to identify their priorities following self-reflection 

  • To link and signpost to external support where appropriate 

  • To help partners develop an ambitious Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) to deliver greater Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within their organisation  

  • To create and model interactive, positive and supportive environments to allow organisations to improve around Equality, Diversity and Inclusion both face-to-face and virtually using appropriate technology  

  • To be agile and flexible in responding to the bespoke needs of the partner organisation 

  • To communicate effectively and develop positive relationships both with the Sports Councils and the partner organisations  

  • To ensure timely, efficient and accurate completion of mentoring-related administration.


Please read the below and send a CV outlining how you meet the person specification and your skills and experience against the job description. Please send a covering letter outlining why you would be a great and inspiring mentor for organisations in their equality, diversity and inclusion journey by Friday 26th May at 5pm to: 

Background information is outlined in a separate document and should also be considered when applying for this position.